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PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS: Planning, Programming and Design

  • Beal residence; Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Berlin Residence; Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Camhi-Pitter Residence; Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Jellinek-Spitz Residence, Newton, Massachusetts
  • Passer Krieger Residence; Greenland, New Hampshire
  • Spadafor Residence; Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Jacobson-Moore Residence; Watertown, Massachusetts
  • Belliveau Residence; Lynn, Massachusetts
  • Payne Residence; Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Rosalind Gorin/Matthew Budd Residence; Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Marjie and Robert Kargman Residence; Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Marjie and Robert Kargman Residence; Nantucket, Massachusetts
  • Budd Family Residence; Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
  • Pat Alverez Residence; Hyde Park, Massachusetts
  • Margot and Charles Moore Residence; Boston, Massachusetts
  • Gamble Residence; Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • Lemeshov-Khotiner Residence; Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Weist-Fletcher Residence; Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
  • Bird Place; Henley-on-the-Thames; England
  • Miller Residence; East Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jane Queenan Residence; Somerville, Massachusetts
  • John Kyper Residence; Roxbury, Massachusetts
  • Reinstein Verfaellie Residence; Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
  • Crutchfield Residence; Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Scott Loft; Chelsea, Massachusetts
  • Bernhard Margolin Residence; Somerville, Massachusetts
  • Sherman Lopez Residence; Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jacobson Residence; Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Langlois Residence; Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • Tulchinsky Residence; Brighton, Massachusetts
  • O’Brian Residence; Stoneham, Massachusetts
  • Frieden Kelly-Hamm Residence; Plum Island, Massachusetts
  • Goldman Duffy Residence; Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Soto Residence; Boston, Massachusetts
  • Abrams-Filler Residence; Brookline, Massachusetts
  • Saconne Residence; Boston, Massachusetts
  • Bartholamew Street Residence; Peabody, Massachusetts
  • C. Zottola Residence; Waltham, Massachusetts
  • M. Zottola Residence, Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Atchinson Residence, South End, Boston, Massachusetts

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