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Maxwell ArchitectsMarc A Maxwell, AIA founded his planning and design firm in 1990.  Sensing a market desire for “hands on” architectural project planning, facility programming and design, Maxwell set out to provide just this kind of service. The firm has maintained this focus on personalized service and attention to every client and project. Since that time the practice has prospered, affording a variety of clients with a wide range of services. Maxwell has focused on project planning, programming, and renovation design for a number of diverse building types: corporate headquarters, residential, healthcare, specialized housing, and educational settings.

In 2008, Maxwell Architects, LLC was established to continue the high level of service Maxwell has been providing clients for nearly two decades.

Maxwell set out to control the type and quality of projects he worked on and to insure a higher level of personalized service and quality to those projects. He strives for completeness and follow through on all projects, from initial project concept, through project planning, design, and execution.

Architectural projects take on a life of their own. Having a thoughtful and decisive professional, thoroughly involved in the project, from concept to occupancy, affords the client a higher level of consistency, efficiency, and completeness for their project. Marc A. Maxwell, AIA has crafted his practice to offer just this professional service model to his clients.


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