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Temple Hillel B’Nai Torah; West Roxbury, MA: Project Architect for Master Planning for immediate repairs and upgrades to the exterior envelope of the building and more long range renovation, reconfiguration and repurposing of an older urban synagogue to meet it’s evolving and contemporary community needs.

Temple Israel Master Planning: Since 1998 Marc A. Maxwell, AIA has been providing pro bono Facility Planning, Space Programming, Project Management and acting as Executive Architect for an ambitious Long Range Master Plan to rehabilitate and renovate the 100,000 SF synagogue building in urban Boston. Set is the Longwood Medical Area, Maxwell has spearheaded the physical planning, design and realization of a decade long multi-phase improvement project and worked closely with the $17 million Capital Campaign that has financed the on-going renovations. The project has included systems upgrades, improved accessibility, interior and exterior projects. For 15 years Maxwell has endeavored to find consensus within the congregation in these physical improvements to serve the central mission of the organization to foster prayer, education and community within its aging physical setting. The Temple Israel “Building” is actually three buildings, constructed in 1927, 1954 and 1972, each representing the materials, technology and design of its era. Creating a consistent whole, while maintaining daily operations, have been challenges throughout the decade long process.

Temple Israel Interior Projects: Once the “Master Plan” was created, the first step was to remove asbestos and lead laden boilers, from the bowels of the building. An environmentally friendly process of salvaging metals, sorting and recycling earth, sand and masonry, and systematic deconstruction was employed to “green” the project. Subsequently needed class rooms and storage was constructed within the old boiler and oil tank rooms. The second phase, and clearly the most ambitious was to create a contemporary flat floor multi-function space out of what was once a 1927 raked floor proscenium arch auditorium. The resultant space is indeed flexible, being used for religious services, lectures, presentations, diners, receptions and dancing. The historic ambiance of the room was maintained, while outfitted with modern systems, preserving its history while making it relevant for a contemporary religious community. A full catering kitchen was created out of what was once the back stage area, to add to the flexibility and completeness of the facility. The balcony was repurposed as meeting/classrooms, while folding glass walls allow for these spaces to be reunited with the assembly space below when needed. The project was awarded a 2009 Boston Preservation Alliance Award for the “Significant Rehabilitation of a Historic Religious Space”. 

The Sanctuary Project included making the” bima” (alter) accessible as well as distributed wheelchair seating throughout the 900 seat space. Fire protection sprinklers, new carpeting and general painting and systems upgrades rounded out this complex project, which was accomplished over a four month summer period.

Temple Israel Meeting House Entry: The third Phase of the Temple Israel Master Plan was to restore the Riverway entrance to the building. Maxwell again served as the Executive Architect, Owner’s Representative and Project Manager for the Temple. All but abandoned in the 1970s, this historic entrance faces a major thoroughfare of Boston and connects the congregation with the larger community. Following the precedent of the original design, while adding an accessible ramp and much needed upgrades to the deteriorated bluestone stairs, the resultant composition heights the grandeur of the original structure, while tying the new in with the old aesthetically. Dramatic lighting, referential to the original but adding a contemporary flair, unifies the decades of additions and refinements.  A Nevelson sculpture is now highlighted with new lighting and detailing, allowing its artistry to shine in its own right.

Architect of Record: Leers Weinzapfel Associates; Boston, MA

Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chambrey; West Hartford, CT; Local Project Architect, working with Hoffman, LLC of Appleton, Wisconsin for the Master and Feasibility Planning for the reuse or further development of a 21 acre urban site for an aging religious community. Our work comprises an extensive existing building assessment report, including building code and life safety, cataloguing the current use of the 186,000 SF facilities, potential reuse and expansion scenarios and concept plans for renovating, adding to, or creating a separate new residential facility on the site.

Christ Episcopal Church; Needham, Massachusetts; Project Architect for rehabilitation of Sunday School and Nursery portions of the building. Project included full architectural services. Project commencement: April, 1996. Subsequent assignment to refurbish Fellowship Hall, stage and kitchen. Third phase included classroom improvements and accessibility modifications, as well as electrical, fire protection and cosmetic improvements.

Temple Emanu-El; Haverhill, Massachusetts: Project Architect for renovations to school offices and extensive library relocation and expansion project in an older, occupied building.

Congregation B’Nai Brith; Somerville, Massachusetts: Project Management Services for the renovation of an historic synagogue structure to add universal accessibility, fire protection and life safety improvements to its Romanesque Revival building.

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