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New England Condominium Magazine; Keeping Up Appearances; November 2011; Quoted expert on design of common areas for lasting good looks and low maintenance finishes

Camelot Court; Brighton-Allston, Massachusetts; named Property of the Year 20 years and older, 2011 by the Rental Housing Association at its Annual Conference after renovation of common areas and exterior entries by Maxwell Architects, LLC; September 2011

Renovating with the Environment in Mind: Green@ LMA (Longwood Medical Area); Sustainable renovation techniques employed in the multi-year, multi-phase renovation of the Temple Israel, Boston. October 2010.

• Levi Auditorium and Riverway Entrance Restoration; Video Interview and Tour of the renovation of Temple Israel Meeting House; 6 minute video, June 2010; [view video now]

• Design for Aging Committee; Boston Society of Architects; Speaker on Senior Care Housing Options for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender people, May, 2010

• Build Boston; Historic Renovation and Adaption of a Significant Religious Space: Temple Israel Meeting House; Speaker and Panelist, November 2009

Boston Preservation Alliance; 2009 Preservation Achievement Award; Temple Israel Meeting House; Significant Rehabilitation of a Historic Religious Space; April 2009

Architecture Boston; September 2002; Healthy Environments Roundtable Discussion, participant.

Visual Architecture Boston; Issue Five; Spring 2001; Orchard School, The Home for Little Wanderers, Watertown, Massachusetts.

Visual Architecture Boston; Issue Six; Fall 2001; 700 Huron Avenue Common Area Renovations; First Realty Management; Cambridge, Massachusetts

AIA National Diversity Forum Member, September, 1995 to 2000; Third Annual Diversity Conference Local Coordinating Committee Chair; August 1996.

Designing Assisted Living Facilities for the Frail Elderly, People with AIDS and People with Alzheimer’s Disease; Instructor and course facilitator; Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Professional Practice Program; 1993 through 2002.

AIA Northern Virginia; 1999 Northern Virginia Chapter AIA Design Awards juror, May, 1999.

Design Lessons for Residential Alzheimer Care, Case Study of three Hearthstone Facilities;
Journal of Healthcare Design, Volume IX; Summer, 1997; based on a presentation made to the Ninth Symposium of Healthcare Design; Boston, MA November, 1996.

• Therapeutic Gardens: Healing Environments for Assisted Living; MassALFA "Sharing the Success" Regional Conference; November, 1996.

• Working with ADA and Massachusetts Architectural Access Board Guidelines; Institute of Real Estate Management; Continuing Education Seminar; October, 1995 and January, 1996.

• “Making a Difference through Universal Design”, AIA Architect practice article highlighting Marc Maxwell, June, 1995.

Tomorrow's Health Care: Baby Boomers Stack the Odds in their Favor, Arthritis Today Magazine; quoted expert: MarchApril, 1995.

Planning and Designing Supportive Housing for People with AIDS; Speaker; Future Visions of Public Housing; University of Cincinnati; November, 1994.

• Beyond Accessibility; Speaker/panelist; Breaking the Ice; AIA Diversity Conference; Washington, DC; August, 1994.

• Community Activism; Generating interest and involvement in Housing for People with AIDS; Speaker/panelist; Design Pride '94; New York.

• Designing Supportive Housing for People with AIDS; Moderator/Speaker; Build Boston, '93; Boston Society of Architects; November, 1993.

• Glazer Residence, Exterior deck and landscaping ; Building and Design Decks; The Taunton Press; publication date: Spring, 1993.

• Programming Office Space: Adaptive Reuse programming for the HEB Arsenal Headquarters; Professional Practices in Facility Programming; Coauthor; Van Nostrand Reinhold; November, 1992

• Design Issues for Housing for People with AIDS; National AIA Convention 1992; cosponsored by the Boston Society of Architects and the Public Facilities Department, City of Boston.

• Housing for People with AIDS: Raising the Roof, Opening Doors; Coordinating Committee member and article in Memo Magazine, The Official Newsletter of the AIA; June, 1992.

• Sick Building Syndrome for Interior Designers; Interior Design Forum, Boston Architectural Center; April, 1991.

• Sick Building Syndrome; Build Boston '89 and '90; sponsored by the Health Care Facilities Committee of the Boston Society of Architects.

• Design Review for Retirement Housing; Retirement Housing Report; July, 1989.

• Impact of Architecture and Design on Sick Building Syndrome; International Interior Design Exposition; Toronto on Sick Building Syndrome and interdisciplinary approaches to building planning, programming, and design; November, 1988.

• Design Options in Retirement Housing; On the Cutting Edge; Chicago; June, 1988.


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